Rules and Regulations

  1. Guests are not allowed to use any alcohol or not prescribed drugs.
  2. Check in for current guests is between 4pm-5pm each day with the front desk.
  3. Curfew is 6:30pm. Failure to check in can result in losing your bed for up to 3 days.
  4. Intakes for new clients occur 10am-4pm.
  5. Permission for any after hours events must be approved in advance by your case manager.
  6. All clients are expected to be working on housing options.
  7. Clients who receive benefits or wages must save at least 30% of those funds in a savings account to be used for your housing needs and you must provide documentation each week.
  8. Refusal to accept a reasonable housing option can result is loss of services.
  9. NO WEAPONS. No objects than could be used as weapons.
  10. Respect for staff, rules, and other clients is expected at all times and taken extremely seriously.
  11. No physical contact between any clients or staff is allowed. No exceptions.
  12. Property must be respected and you should report any vandalism you witness to LTLC staff.
  13. Follow the city’s Good Neighbor Policy and do not loiter outside of local buildings.
  14. You are required to take showers and wash your laundry each week.
  15. Beds need to be made every morning and belongings should fit inside your locker and bins. You need to bring your own locks.
  16. FOOD IS ALLOWED ONLY IN THE KITCHEN (unless you have a medical condition).
  17. NO SMOKING inside the building.
  18. You will be subject to searches every time to enter the building and your dorm room can also be searched at random. Please understand that this is for EVERYONE’S SAFETY including your own safety.
  19. Medication must be turned over to the front desk when you enter and will be dispensed to you by the desk staff when you need it.
  20. LTLC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST PROPERTY and staff cannot watch items for you.
  21. You are allowed in the kitchen only at meal times.
  22. You are not allowed to park vehicles in the shelter’s parking lot or on Robeson Street (adjacent to the building).
  23. Bed rest and medical acommodations are handled by the Health and Wellness Manager.
  24. If you have a job you can have check in hours adjusted to fit your schedule and bagged meals if you can’t make it to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  25. You are required to perform chores every day. They will be assigned to you.
LTLC remains open through the COVID-19 pandemic catering to the basic and case management needs of the homeless population within the Merrimack Valley. We continue to follow social distancing protocols and sanitize our premises for the health and safety of our community, clients and staff. Contact for more information on shelter operations