LTLC’s Community Meals Program

The Lowell Transitional Living Center’s (LTLC) kitchen provides over 100,000 meals annually, serving three meals daily 365 days per year. While active community donations and the Greater Boston and Merrimack Valley Food Banks are huge assets, we rely on private donations to fund supplies, equipment repairs and replacement, and staple food items.

As a Community Meals Program, meals are served to shelter residents as well as people from the Greater Lowell Community who are struggling with food security. The Community Meals Program guarantees enough nutritionally balanced meals to feed anyone in the community that seeks them. 

This is frequently over 200 individuals on any given day.

Volunteer groups are an essential part of our kitchen operations. Our groups provide and serve meals, and have saved LTLC over $75,000 in 2017. That’s $75,000 that can now be used for services that end homelessness like case management, housing, healthcare, and financial management.

Meals served by volunteer groups in 2017: 248

Average of 20 meals a month donated and served by volunteers.

Jan: 19

Feb: 19

March: 23

April: 22

May: 22

June: 22

July: 18

Aug: 18

Sept: 18

Oct: 18

Nov: 26

Dec: 23

Click here to dedicate a dinner ($350) to a loved one.