Did you know that LTLC provides 110,000 meals annually, and we are the de facto soup kitchen for the Greater Lowell area, serving three meals daily 365 days per year? We receive funding for approximately 50% of those meals (active community donations and the Greater Boston and Merrimack Valley Food Banks are huge assets). Restaurants, local farms, and food markets are also getting involved by donating their surplus, especially produce.

To help fund the remaining cost we introduced a new program: More than a meal, let’s make sure everyone can have a Community Meal!

Community Meals is an LTLC program where participating groups choose to either purchase and prepare a healthy meal for our clients, or raise the money to pay for a meal. Individual meal donors can also opt to sponsor the meal in their name or in name of a loved one. We lowered our food costs by 25% in 2016! Help us reach 50% in 2017, let us know if you are interested in:

  • Signing up as a group to provide a meal (we can help you with recipes and healthy, cost saving meal ideas).
  • Lunch: Donating a lunch is a great option for small groups with limited budget, make 60 sandwiches with your church or school and a great big salad, nothing fancy needed!
  • Being an individual meal donor.
  • Hosting a fundraiser to pay for a meal.

Breakfast, 100 people, $200
Lunch, 60 people, $150
Dinner, 150 people, $350

We welcome you and your group to join us to help serve and clean up, but this is not required. Many dinner groups like to bring table cloths, centerpieces, and host what our clients happily call a “sit down.”

Whether your group participates on a monthly or a one-time basis your gift is important and greatly appreciated. We can help with recipes, quantities, cooking information and other logistics. You can prepare an entire meal, the main course only, or bring salad, milk, or a special treat. We welcome any help you can give!

Check our our calendar to see what dates are still available and browse through our gallery!