Congratulations for being a part of every success at Lowell Transitional Living Center (LTLC). We are extremely grateful for your generosity to our homeless guests.

“I felt a lot of love from the staff and I learned that no matter what situation you are in, everyone deserves to be loved”. -Ricardo Solis

 In 2021 98 individuals partnered with LTLC Case Managers and achieved their goal to find a home. Case Managers rented moving vans, picked up donated and discounted furniture and household items, and helped their clients get settled. You are a part of each person’s new beginning and this is a truly joyful accomplishment.

The LTLC Community Meals Program served 62,395 meals last year. Each meal is nutritionally balanced and served by caring staff and dedicated volunteers. LTLC receives donations from local farms, Whole Foods, and just received a grant from New Entry Sustainable Farming. Not only are your gifts helping to promote good health to people who traditionally suffer from very poor health and preventable diseases, each carefully planned meal delivers the message: “Someone cares about you.  You deserve good health and good things.”

Guests who were on their way to work received over 200 bagged lunches and had a place to get their mail, store important documents, use the phone, shower, do their laundry, and get new clothing, soaps, razors, and the support they need to move forward with their lives.

LTLC served 1,091 individuals in the Merrimack Valley, the case managers were able to make 1,060 referrals through local resources to help clients find housing, substance abuse programs, mental health programs and alternative living arrangements to help clients help themselves.

You are the reason there is a 24 hour a day 7 day a week place for everyone in need in our community. Thank you for your kindness.

LTLC remains open through the COVID-19 pandemic catering to the basic and case management needs of the homeless population within the Merrimack Valley. We continue to follow social distancing protocols and sanitize our premises for the health and safety of our community, clients and staff. Contact for more information on shelter operations