Make an impact that truly lasts.

We believe the future is full of promise. Despite rising rates of homelessness and growing need for our services, we are always looking to the next day, next year, next 5 or 10 or 20 years. We believe the problem of homelessness is not too big and with growing support from supporters like you, we can reach our long term goals:

  • Shorten the length of stay for the average client.
  • Guide more people into housing.
  • Grow Rapid Rehousing and other programs to get people off the streets as soon as possible.
  • Expand our life saving outreach program.
  • Increase our case management services to ensure Continued Care for everyone we house. It’s an incredibly tough transition from the streets to housing, and we understand. Let’s make sure each individual is able to bravely maintain a stable, independent life.
  • Building maintenance: over the years it is so important to keep up our facilities, grow and have space for expanded programs, and create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable and hopeful. We need your help to keep the walls painted, the floors repaired, the bathrooms modern, the showers running, and so many more expenses that are essential to the comfort of the vulnerable people we serve.

To include Lowell Transitional Living Center in your will please contact for referrals and guidance.