The Lowell Transitional Living Center is the largest homeless shelter and support organization north of Boston with 90 beds and 70 emergency beds. We provide shelter, food, services and support for the chronically homeless and those left homeless by crisis—job loss, illness, fire or other disaster. At LTLC we are committed to helping our clients make the transition to stable, permanent housing.

People Served in 2016

Located in downtown Lowell and serving the entire Merrimack Valley, LTLC provides shelter and services for 60 men and 30 women. 

In addition, our agency owns 12 single occupancy apartments, 55 below market Single Room Occupancy (SRO) units, and 6 units of housing for chronically homeless individuals.

The LTLC Winter Emergency Bed Program operates during the cold weather months from November to April.  This overflow shelter service provides safe shelter and food to an additional 60-80 people each night, who would otherwise have no recourse but to live outside in the harsh elements of a New England winter.  Many of these individuals have significant mental health and substance abuse issues and frequently are the most clinically complex individuals we assist. We offer our full range of services all year long to our winter bed clients, including meals, outreach and engagement.

In 2016, LTLC served 964 unique homeless adults, and found housing for 79 individuals who will continue to receive case management services to assure long term stability.  Our meal program served over 1300 unique individuals and provided 101,822 meals last year to homeless and very low income residents of Lowell.

Housing First

LTLC supports our clients throughout their journey as they take each step to permanent, affordable housing. We have adopted Housing First as our approach to ending homelessness. We aim to rehouse people as soon as possible, and we provide support services that encourage housing stability.

Our approach matches what people experiencing homelessness want and seek our help to achieve, and it is particularly effective for people who have lost their homes due to a personal crisis.

  • We provide intensive services for the chronically homeless.
  • Many of our programs, including the Meals program, are open to the wider community.
  • Clients can continue to access these programs after they move into new homes.

Housing First is a national model recognized for its success in assisting those who are homeless due to crisis achieve independence, saving the system considerable costs.