Our Case Management Supervisor, Elizabeth Higgins, joined our team in 2013 and specialized in employment and housing. A former employee of the Department of Children and Families, she also worked with families and children with mental health needs. At LTLC, Beth is overseeing our tireless team of case managers and services that end homelessness.

“Having the opportunity to work in the social work field has been a great experience. Working at LTLC has been opening my eyes. Often, people jump so quickly into conclusions about homeless individuals. They could see them carrying a sign on the streets and start judging them without knowing what’s happening in their life that brought them to that point.” 

Leading our Housing Case Managers, Beth ensures that all of our clients get the support they need to eventually transition into housing and remain independent.

“We keep on being positive for clients. We show them how much the community who support us care. As a result, they don’t give up hope either.” 

– Beth Higgins, Case Management Supervisor