Cheryl Sullivan, our Outreach Case Manager, goes above and beyond, establishing trusting relationships with people living on the street and guiding them to services that lead to stabilization and housing.

Seeing firsthand the brave transformation into a resilient, independent person has been’s daily motivator she joined our team in 2006.

As part of her duties, she also provides clothing and food, and helps with obtaining income identification, like Social Security cards, Massachusetts IDs, and/or birth certificates. She also makes referrals to our Housing Case Management Program.

“We’re all humans. People even become homeless by natural causes, such as fires, losing a job, or experiencing a death in their family. Most people living on tents chose to live outside against their will and out of fear. I keep an open mind, trying to be more understanding and part of my skills not only come from my own homelessness and addiction experiences, but from all of the trainings I’ve had at LTLC. As an Outreach Worker, many of my clients who have been through trauma have told me, ‘I’m a survivor,’ to which I respond, ‘do you really want to keep on being a survivor, or do you want to live?’” -Cheryl, LTLC Outreach