I’m the Development Manager at Lowell Transitional Living Center, Crystal Rose McCarthy. I manage our web content, media presence, events, volunteer and donations programs, and other development activities at the shelter. I’m happy to meet with anyone looking to learn about what we do, get a tour, or even just talk to people about how someone becomes homeless in the first place, and how their homelessness can be solved by partnership and small steps forward.

I spend most of my time highlighting donors and volunteers, so you might not know much about me…

I came to LTLC after leaving my 8 year career in textbook publishing at Pearson Higher Education. I was looking for a new direction and hoping to make a career change that would make a difference in someone’s life and make the city of Lowell a better place.

I had been living in Lowell just a few blocks from shelter for several years, and I didn’t know anything about the organization beyond what I could see when I walked by. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I did know that I wanted to help the people who are the hardest to help, because after many personal experiences I have had, I knew I could support and believe in anyone, no matter where they’re at right now or how hopeless their cause might seem from the outside.

Besides my project management, writing, design, and editorial skills, I’m coming into this position with experience working at the front desk at this shelter, in the women’s overnight dorm, and helping in the LTLC Winter Emergency Bed Program. So, as your connection to the shelter I can answer your questions with real, personal experience.

When I came inside my first day here, met the staff and clients, and started to see the incredible progress and rapid changes being made for the better all that summer, I knew I wanted the Merrimack Valley Community to be able to see these changes and this progress, because it is so hard to see it from the outside.

The people who donate and volunteer, their impact is really amazing. I talk to clients who are so grateful. I organize groups to help people move into their first home in years. And I see new programs that inspire me to come into work every day with more energy than I ever really thought I had.

Other fact about me. I own a vintage/rock ‘n roll clothing and accessories store called Dress & Trouser with my husband, Sean.


Reach out to me to learn more.