Suggestions in order of greatest need:

  • SOCKS!!! (White crew socks)
  • Jackets
  • Sneakers (men’s and women’s)
  • Backpacks
  • Jeans (especially very small men’s sizes 28″ waist – 34″)
  • Hoodies (hooded sweatshirts)
  • Plus size clothing, XXL and up.
  • Deodorant
  • Towels
  • Unscented lotion (travel size)
  • Toothpaste (travel size) & toothbrushes
  • Boxer shorts (new)
  • Men’s and women’s underwear (new)

We also have an Amazon Wish List for those who would like to purchase a gift.

These include gifts for the shelter, the kitchen, wrapping paper, event decorations, and other money saving items that help LTLC spend more donation dollars on programs and services that end homelessness. Items are shipped directly to the shelter.

If you’d like to host your own drive for a wish list item, we can help! Let me know so I can answer your questions, provide guidance and flyers, and share your social media posts.

Donation drop off is at the front desk (hours 8am-6pm). Our address is 193 Middlesex Street (the gray door) in Lowell MA, 01852 and there is metered parking available on the street. You are welcome to use our parking lot by the side of the building on Saturday and Sunday.

Stay connected on our Lowell Community Donation Center Facebook page or just ask us what we need.

*LTLC will accept any and all textiles in any condition, but items that are not on the Wish List above are re-donated to the Epilepsy Foundation.


We are fortunate enough to have more than enough of a few certain items (shampoo, conditioner, and soap).

We also partner with HouseHold Goods to provide furniture, kitchen supplies, and other items to people moving into apartments and/or living in LTLC housing.

That mean we are no longer taking any housewares, furniture, or electronics.

Please check out this great resource for donating your furniture, household goods, and electronics