FACT SHEET: Supporting Homeless Individuals since 1986

The Lowell Transitional Living Center is the largest homeless shelter and support organization north of Boston with 90 beds and extra 80 emergency beds in winter. We provide shelter, food, case management & financial services as well as laundry support for the chronically homeless and those left homeless by crisis—job loss, illness, fire or other disaster. At LTLC we are committed to helping our clients make the transition to stable, permanent housing. We run 3 programs throughout the year.

Mission: Our mission at LTLC is to provide the most vulnerable, disadvantaged single adults in the Merrimack Valley with meals, shelter, shower and laundry facilities and case management services in their journey from homelessness to housing.

History: Lowell Transitional Living Center (LTLC) was founded in 1986 as Middlesex Shelter in response to the number of homeless individuals living in Lowell. It became LTLC in 1987 and now is a multi service agency serving the Merrimack Valley and is the largest homeless shelter north of Boston.

Programs offered:

  • Emergency Shelter: This program focuses on Housing First. We aim to rehouse people as soon as possible as well as provide supportive services that encourage housing stability. All year round, LTLC provides 90 Adult beds: 60 men, 30 women. They are also provided with case management services, financial planning, meal, clothing, shower and laundry services 12 single occupancy apartments, 55 below market Single Room Occupancy (SRO) units and 6 units of housing for the chronically homeless individuals.
  • Engagement Bed Program (EBP): This program is funded by Department of Public Health. It is targeted toward homeless people who are HIV positive or at high risk of infection. LTLC focuses on teaching risk reduction and connecting clients to regular testing and counseling. It also provides case management services for clients who are interested. It runs from April to October.
  • Winter Emergency Bed (WEBP): From November to March, LTLC runs the WEBP to ensure that anyone seeking shelter can access respite from the cold. It provides extra 80 to 100 cots including access to shower, laundry and meals as well as outreach and engagement services to the homeless population.








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LTLC remains open through the COVID-19 pandemic catering to the basic and case management needs of the homeless population within the Merrimack Valley. We continue to follow social distancing protocols and sanitize our premises for the health and safety of our community, clients and staff. Contact for more information on shelter operations