Starting in July 2015, Lowell Transitional Living Center (LTLC) began offering onsite clinic hours which provide medical services to homeless individuals. 

Our clients often have multiple medical and mental health issues, and may have difficulty managing their illnesses. Providing health care services on site has proven to improve outcomes and medication compliance, which is a critical factor in disease management and staying out of the hospital.

Our shelter receives support from:

Dr. Vincent Waite, MD, Primary Care Doctor, Family Practitioner

Providing health care services to the homeless population, Dr. Waite comes to us through a collaboration with the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center, which is a federally funded provider of healthcare services to the homeless. Dr. Waite is a highly experienced doctor, with 32 years of practice in the field and graduated from Upstate Medical University in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He completed his fellowship at Nova Southeastern University in 1993. 

Volunteer Registered Nurses (RN)

Registered Nurses work on establishing treatment plans, operating medical equipment, performing diagnostic tests, and administering medications and treatments to our clients. We are always recruiting qualified volunteers, let us know if you can help!

LTLC Clinical Care Staff

Clinical Care Coordinator: Skilled in understanding the needs of our clients, our healthcare staff help those in need, particularly those experiencing mental illness, addiction, and disability, by providing Crisis Intervention, referrals to outside services, medication management, and Day Treatment services.

Healthcare Navigator: A new position at LTLC thanks to recent donations and new funds to support the wellness of the people we serve. Our navigator is an important link for our clients and their treating clinicians, improving access to and compliance with care, especially services provided by our partners at Lowell Community Health Center.

LTLC remains open through the COVID-19 pandemic catering to the basic and case management needs of the homeless population within the Merrimack Valley. We continue to follow social distancing protocols and sanitize our premises for the health and safety of our community, clients and staff. Contact for more information on shelter operations