Here are some ways you can motivate your friends, family, coworkers, anyone you can think of, to join your walk team and/or donate to your fundraiser below. You can also check out the full guide here: STHW_FUNDRAISING_GUIDE

Create a fundraising page on FirstGiving when you register online.

Have an inspiring team story and add it to your page. Are you walking in honor of or in memory of someone special? Are you walking in response to a report you saw on the news about the death of a homeless person? Are you walking to fight addiction, give support to people with disabilities, mental illness? Are you walking because you once experienced hunger, job loss, or other personal struggles? Tell your story.

Come up with a creative name for your team and design cool t-shirts.

Give out flyers and make sure all your walk team member have flyers as well.

Encourage families, local businesses, and other organizations to form fundraising teams. Teammates can encourage each other and team competition can spur supporters to raise more.

Send out a fundraising letter to people you know. Make it personal, include your story, and send a thank you letter after they donate to your team.

Give people a financial goal by telling them what their contribution is funding. For example:

  • $10 provides hand and foot warmers, non-perishable protein and water for someone living on the streets.

    $25 will feed a homeless client for a week

    $50 provides overnight emergency shelter, including a warm shower, a clean bed, a hot meal, and above all, access to counseling services and treatment referrals.

    $75 provides 15 outreach clients one day of nutritious meals.

    $150 provides a life-changing intake appointment with case managers to help clients develop an individual success plan.

    $250 provides five nights of emergency shelter for one guest, including a warm shower, a clean bed, a hot meal, and above all, access to counseling services and treatment referrals.

    $750 helps to operate the LTLC Outreach van  – transportation to services that could change a person’s life.

    $1,000 helps to provide furnishings for a new unit of permanent housing.

Use social media throughout the campaign, not just right after you register (here are some tips!). Always include a link to your personal fundraiser page and thank your donors publicly.

Use your own email signature. Include a link to your fundraising page in your signature so every time you send an email, you are promoting your team.

Partner with a local vendor. Are you friends with any business owners? Try to set up a table and bring the flyers, information about your team, and ask people to donate. You can use the classic donation can for cash and even use your iPad or phone to take donations online right on your page!

Host a fundraiser for your team. Here are a few suggestions.


LTLC remains open through the COVID-19 pandemic catering to the basic and case management needs of the homeless population within the Merrimack Valley. We continue to follow social distancing protocols and sanitize our premises for the health and safety of our community, clients and staff. Contact for more information on shelter operations